About Us

A team of highly passionate & skilled techies & Recruiters with experience of close to two decades.

We realise technology applicant tracking system was out of the reach of many individual recruiters. It was in the luxury hands of either Big recruitment firms who either had the technology to have in house ATS or would buy the ATS which is very expensive. We wanted to democratise the entire ATS to support each and every recruiter in order to have their personal access to their own ATS for self development and progress. Technology should be available to everyone in various departments and horizon and in recruitment space it plays a vital role since technology can behave as normal as human touch and this is why This platform has been kept Absolutely FREE for Everyone.

We understand Recruitment more than technology one day and on the other end one day we understand technology more than recruitment. We strive to have a balance between them. Most importantly the recruiter who work individually never knew how the recruiter across the same industry are performing. But with right techniques using Glit, one can easily compare their performance with other recruiters of the same industry and other companies also. This helps the recruiter to guage an idea about the hiring trends and compare his performance with others and helps to restratigise his entire focus. We wanted to bring all recruiters under one roof so that there could be not just harmony but also co-ompetition. They can access to any of their clients they are sourcing powered by AI/ML.

We are continuously working on improvising myglit to make it more smarter each day. Our goal is that the income of all recruiters using the advantage of technology improves and the difference between large size recruitment firms and a mid size or small size recruitment or even an individual freelance recruiter reduces drastically.

This product has received great appreciation among those recruiters who have started using it and gave us an idea of democratising further more across the globe. This idea of strengthening the recruiter has come from founders personal decades plus experience in the same field. Do let us know what do you feel about this platform.